Maximize the profitability of your biodynamic crops

With the Kultiva 360 PRO method for biodynamic agriculture, you will increase the quality and quantity of production, always giving back to the land more than what it gives you.

*We limit the number of customers per season by order of registration to guarantee the quality of service

People who trusted us

P. B.
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“The treatment was very friendly and they solved all my doubts. Wonderful professionals and they know how to treat and take care of a client. I recommend them 100%.”
Jose García
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"As a farmer, I'm very comfortable."
Teodoro Bermúdez
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“A very friendly agronomist assisted us and advised us on the products to use, the recommended doses, among other things. The range of products for organic farming amazed us a lot. We will surely come back for more, I assure you.”
Cesar Muñano
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"Professionalism and good treatment, divine level!"
María del Mar
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"Any doubts about the problem of your plants or plantations are solved instantly in the most pleasant and personal way by one of the engineers who work there, very professional."
Jesús Rojo
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“Personalized attention and great knowledge of the sector.”

We go to your crops and measure all the parameters of the environment, the soil, the plant and the fruit and diagnose the deficiencies.

Periodic checks are carried out to optimize production and anticipate and prevent any deficiencies.

We set production and profitability objectives in the short and long term.

We trace the path of actions to be taken to achieve the objectives.

Get a free diagnosis of your crop

When you complete the form, an expert biodynamic farm advisor will call you to schedule a visit to your farm.

Why is it interesting for your crops

Increase your profitability

Boost your soil fertility season after season.

Maximize the kg of production

Improve your productions in quality and quantity to those of conventional or ecological.

Improve the quality of your fruit

Improves flavor, color and natural odor of crops.

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This method is aimed at biodynamic farmers who wish to:

Improve your margins with a proven precision farming method

Use all the untapped potential of their land

Continue to contribute more to the ground than is extracted

Produce healthier and larger fruit

You can find us at:

Kultiva Agrocentros Huelva

Polígono Industrial Tartessos, nave 164, 21007 Huelva

Kultiva Agrocentros Archena

Av. Antonete Gálvez, 76, 30600 Archena, Murcia

Kultiva Agrocentros El ejido

Calle Países Bajos, 4, 04710 El Ejido, Almería